CEFI Foundation submits its claims to the Draft Reference Price Order 2020

The reference price system and annual reference price orders are intended to contribute to the sustainability of the SNS. They should also promote the right balance between innovative generic/biosimilar, competition and competitiveness in the pharmaceutical and health market. Price decisions must respond to a real market situation with a competitor with a different product price.

Orders must avoid situations that create legal uncertainty, judicialization, desupply or even excessive economic burden for some products or some more personalized presentations adapted to specific patient needs.

The CEFI Foundation with its observations aims to contribute to this purpose.

CEFI also welcomes the recent changes adopted by the Health Ministry. The first of these was driven by the decisions of the Supreme Court in which the sets have been formed by active substance rather than by ATC5 classification and the second of the changes or measures taken in relation to the supply of essential medicines, in particular those not replaced by any other of those currently financed by the System, reflected in this Order in the non-revision of the reference price of certain presentations.

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